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Leather shopper bag, an essential for day to day

Leather shopper bag, an essential for day to day

The leather shopper bag, large and comfortable, is the ideal companion for many women to face their multiple tasks and daily challenges

A leather shopper bag slung over the shoulder is currently the most common resource among countless women to go to work, pick up the children from school, go shopping and face an increasingly full schedule of things to do . We propose various models so that you can include a leather shopper bag with the quality and beauty that you deserve in your wardrobe.

The bag large, and especially the shopper bag, prevails. Just take a look at the fashion magazines and the street, where shopper bags leather have been a hit for a long time. These large and comfortable bags are used all over the world by millions of women, who have found in them an extension of themselves and the perfect company to face their daily challenges.

The choice makes a lot of sense. These bags, which are characterized by the two handles that allow them to be carried on the shoulder or in the hand and by an intelligent and simple shape. The upper part is always larger than the lower part of the bag, something that allows easy storage of the objects that are transported. And it is that the name, shopper, refers in English to the act of buying and that is quite a clue.

These bags fit everything. Or almost. And this can include your keys, wallet, beauty and personal hygiene items, and other essentials. Also electronic gadgets: the mobile, the tablet or even the laptop. Books, magazines, a piece of fruit, that item of clothing that may be needed at some point in the day and also some small unexpected purchase, made taking advantage of the children's trips to work or school.

Just look around you on the street and you will see the large number of women who use these types of bags that are sometimes labeled in other ways. Totes and shopping bags are alternate names often applied to this contemporary staple. As explained in this article, is a comfortable and efficient bag that you take everywhere.

According to Laura Gómez, designer of Juan-Jo, the leather shopper bags are a sign of the times and of a fashion adapted to the reality of the users. “The large bag is essential in today's women's lives and therefore it is worth choosing beautiful and quality models. Not in vain, you take it everywhere. And if it's good, it lasts longer. The leather ones are the best. I particularly prefer soft, supple leather, as it makes the bags easier to carry.

And about the influence of shopper bags on the female image, she adds: “A challenge, when designing them, is that, even if they are large bags, they are always stylish and beautiful. An interesting aspect of leather shoppers is that they always add a touch of quality and, at the same time, produce a chic and relaxed effect on the look you wear.”

The leather shopper bags that we handcraft at Juan-Jo take this scenario into account and combine elegance, quality and functionality.
They are large women's bags, with an exclusive and timeless design, prepared for you to use comfortably. You can choose between three families: Maxi, Barcelona and Menorca. We present them below.

Maxi shopper bags are large tote bags, made with crocodile-effect cowhide embossed leather and have an inner canvas bag that can hold a laptop. A great candidate for you to choose your black shopper bag, but it is also available in other colors.

Black Maxi Shopper

Bolso shopper de piel en color rojo

Maxi red leather shopper bag

Bolso shopper piel en color marrón colgado hombro modelo

Maxi brown leather shopper bag

Bolso shopper de piel en color camel colgado del hombro de modelo

The shopping bags Barcelona, ​​in metallic leather, are large, light and have an inside zippered pocket. The handles are in black leather.

Bolso shopper de piel metalizado en color oro rosa. La modelo lo lleva en la mano

Barcelona rose gold leather shopper bag

Bolso shopper de piel plateada

Silver Barcelona leather shopper bag

The leather shopper bag Menorca is inspired by the traditional Mediterranean tote bag, they are smaller than the Maxi, they are made of the same leather, they have an inner canvas bag and a large outer pocket.

Bolso shopper Menorca en piel color rojo

Red Menorca leather shopper bag

Bolso shopper Menorca color marrón oscuro

Brown Menorca leather shopper bag

Bolso shopper Menorca en color camel o marrón claro

Camel Menorca leather shopper bag

Bolsdo shopper Menorca en color negro

Black Menorca leather shopper bag

All these examples of leather shopper bags, each one with its different characteristics, are a great option for you to include in your wardrobe a quality leather bag and multiple benefits.

And in case you want to see other models, here is the link to our general section of large bags, all designed and handcrafted in our workshop.



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