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An artisanal and personal way of making unique pieces for a modern woman

I introduce myself:
I am Laura Gómez, a woman who has already turned 50. I am the designer of this project. I love my job. My goal is to always create bags that I would use in my daily life. I love that they have an original design and to achieve this I choose the most appropriate leather and the details that characterize them for each model. I never forget that they are comfortable, that they are not heavy, that clients can carry their things well organized inside. In short, what I myself would ask for as a customer when buying a bag.

I am the second generation of JUAN-JO. My parents were the founders (Juanjo is my father's name), creating leather collections for women that were very innovative and daring in their time. I grew up in the workshop, among furs and sewing machines. I studied Fashion Design and Pattern Making, and I joined the business decades ago. I have enough experience to know how to choose the highest quality leathers and to understand the needs of a woman with character and style. All of this is what I take into account in my designs.

I want my client to feel satisfied wearing exclusive, high-quality, durable pieces and knowing that they are buying from a small sustainable brand, which she makes in her own workshop in an artisanal way. I like the contact with her, being able to resolve her doubts, even after purchasing her. 

I seek that with our bags and belts you have quality pieces, with your own style, exclusive, made of selected leathers from Spanish and Italian manufacturers. Let it come out of the mainstream and big logos, which in the end end up being uniform, without differentiation.

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