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Long hair bags, joy for autumn and winter

Long hair bags, joy for autumn and winter

Long-haired bags are revitalized with fun colors and metallic chains

Summer is behind us and the trends for autumn and winter appear, in accordance with the change of time, colors and sensations that the seasonal wheel brings. This 2022, one of the most interesting trends is long-haired bags, a proposal that already surfaced last year and is now revived with variants.

This year, the long hair bags slip away from the usual autumn/winter hues and bring joy and color to the calendar and to a social environment in which many problems float and the legacy of the pandemic. Some publications talk about women's stuffed bags.

Our collection has very different shades – some more striking, others more discreet – and includes details that are also on trend, such as metal chains and the half-moon shape.

They are fur bags made, as is the house brand, by hand and with natural leather. No faux fur, artificial hair, synthetic fur and other misleading labels. Ours are authentic natural hair bags. And trust us: they're cute!

“Our long-haired bags are elegant and we have opted for a variety of colors in which there are more formal tones, such as mottled brown or grey, and other more striking ones, such as turquoise, orange and a blue/ violet which is very original. They are bags that you can carry in your day-to-day life and that, well combined, have a party touch that can be used to go out or attend an event”, explains Laura Gómez, designer and manager of Juan-Jo.

Laura also highlights the quality of the product: “There are a lot of synthetic fur bags on the market. The touch and beauty of natural fur bags, like ours, are incomparably better. In addition, our bags last longer, have been handcrafted and are integral: they have the same hair on the front and back.”

Modelo con bolso de pelo largo natural en color naranja.

Orange bag with long hair

Modelo con bolso de pelo largo en color marrón jaspeado. Bolso con caden metálica.

Marbled brown Carrie long hair bag

Modelo sujeta con sus manos un bolso de pelo largo en color turquesa

Carrie long hair bag in turquoise

Long and sometimes curly hair, big enough to carry your essentials, rounded to half-moon shape that camouflages the hair's volume, vaporousness and lightness... These are some of the characteristics of our Carrie model, which we make in colors such as brown heather brown, orange, turquoise, blue/purple, and grey.

They are fur leather bags that you can combine with many looks, especially now that fashion is firmly committed to wide contrasts and colored reinforcements. The limits are your imagination, good taste and the ability, which you surely have, to define your own style.

The skin and hair used are Tibet Lamb, which is characterized by its considerable length and a very soft touch. Surely you will love combing your bag from time to time (you can do it simply by hand). And use the metal chain that allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder or, if you pick it up, in your hand.

Modelo lleva colgado un bolso de pelo largo de color rojo

Lhasa red long hair bag

Modelo muestra un bolso de pelo largo en color azul

Lhasa blue long fur bag

Somewhat different, although made of the same skin and hair, is the Lhasa model. They are bags with fur less rounded, a little smaller and have a smooth leather strap, to carry them over the shoulder, which is adjustable and removable. If you remove it, you have an original clutch, a handbag, in an intense blue or a powerful red. And with a short handle to carry it on the wrist.

These are our proposals for long hair bags for this fall/winter. We hope that you will find things to your liking in it.

And if you want to take a look at all our fur bags, click here. We have long hair totes and many short hair models. All handmade in the workshop.



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