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Hobo bags, a classic that is always updated

Hobo bags, a classic that is always updated

In 2024, hobo bags continue to set style. Our designs show you the validity of an accessory that was born a century ago

They are easy to carry, they have a characteristic shape and the way they hang from the shoulder is special. Hobo bags are very feminine and constantly adapt to changes in fashion. These are some details that explain its success.

hobo bags have been around for a century in the world of fashion and can boast of combining their classic essence, which never goes out of style, with the constant adaptations that keep them as a reference accessory . The mystery and a certain controversy over its name add a few drops of interest to one of the most emblematic bags in the world of handbags and which is distinguished from other designs by its half-moon shape and its relaxed and loose fit.

 Chronicles say that the first hobo bag in the fashion world was created in the United States in 1936 and cost 35 cents. The term hobo also has history, since it was used generically to describe men without work or home, who at the beginning of the 20th century and in the years of the Great Depression, traveled on freight trains and on foot through that country in search of of their subsistence. They carried their belongings in a bundle tied to a stick.And this is, according to legend, the aesthetic and historical origin of the hobo bag. For some, the hobo label, which in English has derogatory meanings, is now incorrect and it would be better to find another label to name this type of bag.

 Easy to identify due to their peculiar shape and to be carried under the shoulder, the women's hobo bags have known infinite versions, all kinds of materials, sizes and approaches, including those of the big brands and catwalks .

The constants speak of a half-moon-shaped bag, held at each end by a strap that may or may not be adjustable. It is characterized by being generally large, made of soft and flexible materials such as leather or suede, which when carried hanging from the shoulder, tends to collapse and fold in on itself.

In 2024, hobo bags continue to set style and we suggest you get to know our models. Half a dozen models created by hand in the workshop and faithful to the spirit of a bag for which time does not seem to pass.

“Classic, elegant, comfortable, functional… These are some of the adjectives that come to mind when thinking about a hobo bag. A shoulder bag is the most common way to carry the bag and the natural fall of it, folding over itself, is very natural and functional. Personally I love bags without structure or rigidity. Our hobos are like that. They have shape, but they adapt and thanks to their loose fit, they play an interesting game with the body,” explains Laura Gómez, designer and head of Juan-Jo.

Camel Half Moon Hobo Bags

The half-moon shape is a hallmark of many hobo bags.Several of our models have it, with different designs, materials and sizes.

This bag combines the originality of its shape and the beauty of the leather engraved with a snake effect. It has a long, adjustable handle to carry it on the shoulder or crossbody. Exclusive and very stylish, handmade in our workshop.

It is also a secure bag, thanks to its top zipper closure. It has an interior zipper pocket and an exterior zipper pocket on the front, perfect for keys, cell phone or transportation card. Its adaptable and adjustable handle is suitable for carrying across the body or on the shoulder. It is available in two sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Mirall Metallic Hobo Bag

 Beautiful half-moon-shaped bag handmade in our workshop with metallic silver leather and a mirror effect, which imitates the pattern of crocodile skin. Metallic mirror-effect leather is on both sides of the bag. A women's hobo bag ideal for carrying with style the things you need for everyday life, with the added bonus that metallic leather always gives.

Animal Print Hobo Bag

Another half-moon leather bag that combines the originality of its shape and the beauty of the fur engraved with animal print. An exclusive bag handmade in our workshop with two handles. The long one, to carry the bag on the shoulder or crossbody, is made of leather, its length can be adapted and it is removable. The short handle is a gold-colored metal chain, which serves as an ornament and allows the bag to be carried baguette style, close to the shoulder.

Silver Hobo Tote Bag

Bronze Hobo Tote Bag

Bolso piel metalizada de oro tshirt

Gold Hobo Tote Bag

 Our hobo bags T-Shirt come from a cross between tote and hobo bag. Of the first they have the great capacity and of the second, the fall, the carriage. With them you can carry everything you need in your daily life and enhance your style with the glamorous touch of metallic leather.

They are unique bags due to the quality of the metallic leather, light years away from most products on the market. And they offer you a versatile design: thanks to the removable leather handle you can carry them on your shoulder or in your hand. And they are light.

We have them available in three metallic leather versions: gold, silver and bronze.

bolso de piel perforada negro con cremallera

Black Hobo Tote Bag

This model of black hobo bag is also very special. It is large, decorated with fringed pompoms and has a very special drape. It is a very spacious bag that you can carry on your shoulder, crossbody and also as a shoulder backpack. It is made with spectacular die-cut leather that brings elegance to a minimalist and comfortable design.

The handle is double, made of leather cord and is finished with two tassels with fringes, also made of leather. Its length can be adjusted and it also serves to fit the bag to the body and carry it in the manner of the aforementioned shoulder backpack, in English sling bag.


Apúntate aquí y obtendrás nuestra Guía Gratuita: Cómo cuidar tu bolso de piel, con consejos y trucos para que disfrutes de un bolso perfecto durante mucho tiempo.

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