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Wide belt: magic and versatility to change your looks

Wide belt: magic and versatility to change your looks

Dresses, tunics, jumpsuits, pants, jackets, jackets and blazers are garments that you can combine and revitalize with a wide belt

It is important to know and remember: in addition to highlighting your waist and figure, the wide belt is a unique and special accessory, capable of changing a lot of looks on its own. And it is that it harmonizes and optimizes all kinds of garments, colors and proposals, whether they are more or less formal or focused on different times of the year. As you will see in this article, it works great with flowing dresses, kimonos, pants, jackets, blazers and many other outfits.

Yes, the wide belt is versatile and magical. It combines with countless looks and is capable of bringing out the best in your figure and renewing your wardrobe, giving new possibilities to your clothes, even those that you have forgotten or bored. This is the wide belt for women, an accessory that does not go out of style and on which the praise of the experts rains down and the blessing of the public, which continues betting on them to renew and improve their look.

The wide belts can be used in countless situations and with practically all kinds of outfits, whether they are formal, chic or casual. This is already important, but it should also be noted that they always provide an extra touch to your look, changing it and achieving that personal effect you are looking for. That's why we say they are magical.

We wide women's belts love them and that's why we have a wide collection of leather models that include different designs. We have cummerbunds, wide belts for dresses, knotted belts, wide corset-type belts, among other models.

Laura Gómez, designer at Juan-Jo Gallery, sums up the advantages of wide belts: “They are very useful for improving any look. By adding this accessory, the category of many garments is raised and we improve our look. Let's think, for example, of a wide belt over a jacket. The immediate effect is that it feminizes the masculinity of the garment and takes away its formality. In a dress, the wide belt marks the waist and makes you look better. A very obvious case is loose-fitting kimono-type tunics, which are very comfortable, but due to their design they provide an undefined shape. The bet on wide belts is smart. They flatter you, you take advantage of the wardrobe you already have and since they combine in many ways and with different garments, you get more looks with fewer pieces.”

And his favorites are wide leather belts. “I recommend choosing wide quality belts and especially leather ones. They are worth it because they last a long time and they are an extra detail when it comes to increasing the beauty and level of our outfits.”

Are you ready? We start the tour. Here are half a dozen examples of how wide belts are a perfect ally for novelty and an antidote to boring outfits.

This wide leather belt in two shades boosts the white and luminous outfit on which it is worn, giving life to the outfit, marking the waist and providing the fun adornment of the tassels or tassels. Can you imagine this combination without a wide women's belt? You probably can, but the result is much less interesting. And take note that this belt is available in two different widths, with which you can customize and adapt the desired effect to your case.

Cinturón ancho estilo boho chic confeccionado en ante y piel

Fabric jumpsuits are very cute pieces that enhance feminine forms with a special character, since they suggest an aesthetic mixture that evokes, at the same time, the world of work and the purely aesthetic use of the garment Here, as a complement, We used a corset belt with tassels that works like a charm by framing the waist, highlighting the waistline and giving the outfit more presence. Two comments: this corset belt is very easy to put on and take off, thanks to its back snaps. And second: the leather is soft and extraordinarily pleasant to the touch.
Cinturón ancho, confeccionado en piel y con tassels.

A good example of wide belts for dresses thanks to the power of studs and slightly asymmetric shapes. This wide black belt with a small buckle is not just any accessory. Its design, which combines elegance and power, radically changes the look of the outfit, taking it towards rocker and rebel imaginaries. Featuring some eighty round, silver-tone metal studs, it's no exaggeration to say that it naturally becomes the visual center of the outfit, pushing the original dress beyond its limits.

Cinturón ancho de color negro y con un centenar de tachas redondas

Loose dresses, kaftans, kimonos, tunics and other flowing garments are very much in fashion. And they are proposals on which the contribution of women's wide belts is unquestionable. Here we combine a colorful kimono with a leather corset that creates a suggestive contrast. The corset emphasizes the waist and its powerful aesthetic, reinforced by the two buckles, is an elegant counterpoint to the vaporous effect of the kimono. Opposites attract and combine, offering a different and stronger set.

Cinturón ancho negro con dos hebillas y algunas tachas

If you have ever wondered what the limits of wide women's belts are, here are a couple of proposals that show you that they can be used in infinite ways and complement opposing styles. We show them to you combined with a jacket and a blazer.

The wide sash-type belt, combined with a blazer and printed trousers, defines the figure's waist and gives the outfit a note that makes it less formal and adds that feminine and fashion ingredient that people like so much. There is also the exotic touch of snake skin. On this point, it should be clarified that this women's sash is made of lambskin with a print that imitates the original drawing of that skin.

Cinturón ancho. Es de tipo fajín, con dibujo imitación serpiente. La modelo lo viste sobre chaqueta americanao fajín ín

In the case of the black leather pants and the dark-toned blazer, this is a powerful and formal-style ensemble. The wide black leather belt with an extra adornment of the silver metal chain works both as a complement and as a counterpoint. With the use of the wide belt, the outfit is enhanced and remains uniform, but gains a lighter, more spontaneous and casual tone.

Cinturón ancho con cadena metálica. La modelo lo viste sobre blazer

All the previous models of women's wide belt are magnificent options for you to include in your wardrobe and take advantage of their magic and versatility to renew your look. And if you want to see other models, here is the link to our general section of wide leather belts, all designed and handcrafted in the workshop.



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