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Women's wide belt, a key trend for spring-summer 2021

Women's wide belt, a key trend for spring-summer 2021

The women's wide belt helps you to have the best spring and summer looks

A wide women's belt optimizes loose and flowing outfits and harmonizes all kinds of garments and colors. Trust our wide leather belts to take advantage of your repertoire and style. Remember that women's wide belts are the only accessory capable of changing a lot of looks

It's time to start thinking about how to face the beautiful period of the year that takes us from winter to summer and is characterized by the total change of outfits and colors we wear. Gone is the winter period and a brighter scenario opens up before us, with pleasant temperatures and the need to show the vital impulse that the new seasons bring. Start thinking about the factor women's wide belt and get ready for the change.
The wide women's belts, whether they are sash belts, corset belts or belts with buckles, must play a decisive role in this wardrobe change. Because they are still in fashion, as the best publications warn, and because they have ideal features for spring and summer.
The wide belts stylize the figure, help you look slimmer, combine with countless outfits, harmonize colors and sets, provide an elegant touch to a traditional look and are vitamins for your clothing proposals . Yes, vitamins. Because these simple accessories help you to recover clothes that you have forgotten and to combine the usual ones in a different way.
Think about the powerful influence a wide leather belt has on a boho-style dress. The outfit will gain in visual impact, it will be more sophisticated and, very importantly, it will help you define your waist and show a better silhouette.
And the same happens if you wear blouses, tunics, dresses, jumpsuits, combinations of jeans and shirts and other light and loose clothes typical of good weather. Even the simplest pieces will improve their appearance if you wear some kind of wide belt with them. The experts say so and it's true.

Cinturón ancho mujer de color negro con tachas

Think about the effect you get when using a wide women's belt with double buckle on any dress. The natural waist is spontaneously enhanced, your look changes register and your body acquires another visual volume
The wide belts can also be used to combine pieces that seem difficult to reconcile. Imagine that you want to dress in many colors and that you want to combine a floral skirt and a blouse with drawings or details. It may seem difficult, but now imagine the combination joined by a wide black belt. It works, and very well!

Play with colors

Laura Gómez, designer at Juan-Jo Gallery, sheds light on the role of wide belts in spring and summer. “The wide women's belts are a way to highlight an outfit, to give it a different look and to flatter your silhouette.In spring and summer, I suggest using the wide belt with flowing dresses and skirts, oversize shirts worn over pants, dress jumpsuits, party jumpsuits and boho kimonos, which are so trendy. fashion For all these garments, the wide women's belts are a perfect complement.”

Cinturón ancho mujer tipo fajín de piel de color camel
Wide camel knotted belt

Regarding colors, which are so important in these seasons, give the following clues. “For prints and floral combinations with many shades, the best options are a wide black belt or a wide camel belt.
They are two basic, elegant colors that combine very well”, he says.

And add other examples. “A wide gold belt or a wide silver belt works like a charm if you wear light colors or white. And if, for example, you opt for dark trousers or a skirt combined with a printed, striped or white blouse, the wide red belt looks phenomenal.“
Spring and summer are, traditionally, territory subscribed to parties, celebrations and nights out. The limitations that the restrictions and regulations that the pandemic impose in this 2021 alter this scenario, but the spirit survives and will be imposed again, surely, when everything returns to normal.
Therefore, don't forget that wide belts go well with a suit jacket, a blazer or safari jackets. You have many examples of this trend in fashion magazines. Simply place the wide leather belt --in this case, a wide belt with a powerful buckle is recommended-- and enjoy the result. If someone said chic, he was right.
Spring and summer are also appropriate seasons for corset belts to enhance your charms. Not in vain do they narrow the waist and highlight the chest. You can wear them over a dress, with a set of trousers and a blouse, with or without a jacket on top... Always choose a corset belt that stands out and, at the same time, harmonizes with the outfit. And let it highlight your figure instantly.

Cinturón ancho mujer tipo corset, de piel y color beige

Wide beige leather corset belt

In short, a wide leather belt is a great ally for you to adapt your sensations and your style to spring and summer. The variety of designs, the ability to multiply the effect they have on other pieces and the different colors they offer are characteristics that you cannot ignore.

Wide leather belts, wide suede belts, metallic leather sash belts and corset belts are some of the models in the collection of wide women's belts designed and handcrafted in our workshop.

We have dozens of options available on our website. Visit her and find out which wide belt fits best with what you need for your spring and summer 2021 wardrobe.

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