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How to choose the perfect bag

How to choose the perfect bag

Some tips for you to choose the perfect bag according to your characteristics

When choosing a bag, we can choose the model that we like the most, the one that is in trend or the one that is similar to the one worn by a celebrity. Following fashion and experimenting with it is great, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind. In this post we give you four basic tips on how to choose the perfect bag: that it looks great on you and adapts well to your body and personality.

"The bag is an important part of the outfit and influences to harmonize your silhouette. In addition, it tends to reflect our personality and should reflect style. Keeping in mind some tips, even if they are elementary, will allow us to choose a bag that is a good ally both in practical things, as well as in the aesthetic section", explains Laura Gómez, designer at Juan-Jo Gallery.
1. Take into account your measurements and proportions

The formula to wear the perfect bag and make it always look well integrated with you is to create balance and harmony. It is about looking for the point of contrast or harmonization, depending on the case, so that the body and the bag combine perfectly.

How to choose a suitable bag? Let's see some examples. If you're not particularly tall and slender, it's easy for a bag that's too big to flatter you. Therefore, choosing a smaller or medium bag may be the best option. A bag with straight lines probably combines better with rounded bodies. And rounded bags often look especially good on angular bodies.

Mujer con bolso grande piel en color marrón y efecto cocodrilo

Modelo con bolso redondo negro de piel colgado del hombro

2. The shoulders

To choose a perfect bag according to your body you should take into account if you are a person with wide or rather narrow shoulders. They convey different things and have their influence on how the bag looks when you carry it close to your body.

Square shoulders probably allow more freedom when choosing bags, as they allow for wide straps and double handles. Both, and especially the latter, generally detract from seriousness and bring closeness.

In the same way, for a person with rounded shoulders it is advisable to use bags with a single handle, narrow and flat. A triple attribute that will help create harmony between the bag and your figure.

Bolso bucket bag

3. The bust

The volume of the chest also influences when choosing the perfect bag.
Women with a not particularly voluminous bust can opt, without problems, for the use of shoulder bags and crossbody bags. Remember that this type of bag subtracts, visually, some height.

If you have a somewhat voluminous bust, a good way to combine it aesthetically is to use a bag with thin handles and that reaches the waist AND preferably, a bag that is not large.

bolso una asa negro
4. The image you transmit

You know that the bag is often like a business card. And the combination of the body with the bag creates, for others, an image of instantaneous consumption that you can take into account, albeit through two very elementary reflections.

If you choose a large, angular, straight-lined and structured bag, you will probably look serious, assertive and determined. A bag with soft shapes, rounded, flexible, not very rigid and structured, transmits more closeness and accessibility.

Mujer con bolso XXL de piel metalizada al hombro. Imgane para post el bolso perfecto.

We hope these tips will help you find the perfect bag. Or at least, the type of bag that you think fits you best, something that you will only find if you take into account the moment, your personality and your characteristics.

And if you want to see all the models of bags that we handcraft in the workshop, click here.



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