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Convertible Backpacks in Bag

The versatility of convertible backpacks

Backpack and bag. And vice versa. Our convertible backpacks into a bag are a reflection of the role of women in today's world. An empowered woman who needs to face various daily activities – work, study, trips to pick up the children or to shop, trips, etc. – and who wants accessories that are practical and comfortable, without this implying that they lose the aesthetic value that they should always have fashion. At this point, backpacks that can be used as bags and that are beautiful and elegant at all times, are an essential accessory.

We attach the urbanite label to our women's backpacks and we design them looking for the best balance between a practical design and the touch of femininity that our models always have. With a backpack you will feel perfectly comfortable to carry out all your professional, social or family tasks, with the added advantage of having your hands free. And at the same time you will know that you can turn the backpack into a bag, according to your needs or if you want to change your look.

Everything is advantages with these models. For example, we have a women's leather backpack bag ideal for carrying a large laptop. As a backpack it allows you to carry it on your back (something recommended by all ergonomic treatises) and when it is a bag, it offers you the option of carrying it in your hand, on your shoulder or across your body. The secret of this little magic is in the design and in an ingenious and exclusive system of handles.
Like all our products, the backpacks that convert into bags are designed and made in our workshop with high-quality leather. We have enjoyed making them and we hope you will enjoy using them in your day-to-day.

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