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Boho Street Style, the bohemian style commands the street

Boho Street Style, the bohemian style commands the street

Accessories are no longer simple accessories. Bags, boots, jewelry, hats and belts are the protagonists of each boho street style look

The success of the boho style is its formula, which combines romanticism, rebellion, comfort and the possibility that, within it, each woman can express her personality. The boho, which has been in the world of fashion for quite some time, is more current than ever with a current version, which often recycles airs from the 70s and proposes a boho street style that walks strongly through the streets of the big cities. .

The origin of the term boho, according to experts, comes from some ornaments and clothing of the gypsies of the region of Bohemia, in the current Czech Republic, which in the mid-nineteenth century were partially adopted by young Parisian artists and intellectuals , the so-called bohemians. These converted their way of living and dressing in a counterproposal to the canons of the time. The hippie fashion of the 1960s and various reincarnations of boho in boho chic, boho hippie and other trends, have given a long life to a style that mixes, with a playful air, colors, periods, styles, fabrics, materials and accessories.

Long skirts, loose dresses, baggy pants, blouses, vests and flowing kimonos are common garments in boho, a style open to countless colors and prints, especially floral ones. The accessories are no longer simple accessories and become key pieces of the look, making bags, boots, jewelry, hats, corsets, sashes and belts the protagonists of each outfit. You can include fringes and peasant, medieval, western or gypsy touches. And mix the more typically boho details with casual, more contemporary elements.

“The boho street style is free and flattering, because each woman can use the elements and details that she likes and suits her best. We can mix things typically boho and other current, of the moment. Of course, it is good to find a balance of volumes, colors and patterns and, above all, avoid overloaded looks. If we control all this, boho is a classic that is constantly renewed and that does not seem to go out of style”, explains Laura Gómez, designer of Juan-Jo.

Our leather bags, belts and corsets fit perfectly into this trend, as you can see in the following photos taken in a street shoot in Barcelona, ​​made with the collaboration of Ginni Bogado's makeup, the Boho Chic dresses Barcelona and the styling and jewelery of Deborah Gallardo.

Follow us on our journey boho street style and get to know some of our proposals for boho accessories so that you get the best of yourself with this urban trend.

Bolso piel y fajín piel Boho Street Style
The cummerbund with tassels is made of natural leather and is a perfect element to mark the waist and give an elegantly informal look to the look. We do it in various colors and in all sizes. The long-haired bag combines several colors and is powerful and graceful at the same time, as it combines volume and vaporousness.


This dark brown leather wallet with an original furry handle on the front is an example of a boho chic street style accessory that is combined with current trends. The front handle made of fur allows you to carry the bag in a different way.And it has a leather handle so, if you want, you can hang it from your wrist

Bolso flecos piel negra Boho Street Style

Bucket-type bag with the characteristic sack shape. The tassels of the closing draswtring strip and the fringes are one hundred percent boho style elements and are integrated into a very soft and light black leather bag. It is very easy to combine.

Bolso naranja pelo y corset piel Boho Street Style

Natural brown leather corset, combined with orange long-haired bag. The long printed blouse, the jeans and the jewels complete this boho postcard. The leather corset is a wonderful element when it comes to highlighting the figure and the waist. And the orange bag, with a metal chain, proposes a note of color that enhances and completes the outfit.

Bolso azul turquesa pelo largo Boho Street Style

Bag + wide belt with tassels. Turquoise blue is a radically boho color, although it is not usual, as it happens here, for it to materialize in a bag. The long hair is made of Tibetan lamb and the chain allows it to be worn as a clutch, as well as on the shoulder. The wide belt combines a very feminine narrow corset shape with two leather straps with tassels that you can fasten however you like.

Cinturón ancho piel negro Boho Street Style

Boho street style to power. This is what this image calls for, in which boots, pants and a jacket are integrated into the look thanks to a black corset belt that, from the waist, unifies and structures the outfit.

Bolso metalizado dorado y cinturón doble hebilla Boho Street Style

Finally, an example of the most eclectic boho. We combined a wide belt with a double buckle, worn over the coat, and a luminous gold metallic leather tote bag.

The limits to combining, as always, are good taste and your imagination.



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