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Bucket bag: the star bag of 2022

Bucket bag: the star bag of 2022

Jane Birkin and other celebrities helped popularize the bucket bag decades ago. This year is back in fashion

The charming bucket bag has been present in fashion for a few decades now, but it has been reborn this 2022, becoming one of the trends present in spring, summer, autumn and winter collections.

It is a bag with tradition because some famous people made it popular in the sixties, especially Jane Birkin, who fell in love with this practical accessory with simple shapes. And we know it by a lot of different names: bucket bag, sack bag, basket bag, bombonera
The English term bucket bag, is the most used and generally identifies a bag with a cylindrical shape and whose origin seems inspired by the traditional baskets in many cultures or the humble bucket to transport water. A bag of which there are versions in all kinds of materials.

Jane Birkin in the sixties with her wicker basket bag
Photo: Over the Moon

At Juan-Jo we have tackled the challenge of dealing with this reborn classic by betting on natural leather with vegetable tanning, which is the material we always work with, and designing a couple of different and current models. One is cylindrical in shape and uses crocodile-effect embossed leather. The other one has boho elements and has a drawstring closure at the top.

“One of the characteristics of the embossed leather model is that it maintains its volume, thanks to its shape and the type of leather used. The engraving is very nice and without being a large bag it is perfect to carry everything you need. In addition, it is very light, since it weighs about 400 grams", explains Laura Gómez, designer of Juan-Jo.

And she adds: "The boho model is even lighter and its skin is very soft, which allows you to gather it comfortably to close it."

The Coco model, available in three colours, is medium in size and made of embossed cowhide leather with a beautiful crocodile pattern. The handle, of adjustable length, is made of the same leather and allows you to carry it comfortably on the shoulder.

It is a stylish and practical bag, as it presents a clean space where you can easily store your things. For this it has interior pockets and also has a large canvas bag that adds extra security to your belongings. In the upper part it also has closures with strips of the same leather.

Another interesting detail of these bucket bags, which we make in red, camel brown and white, is their lightness. The quality of the leather allows us to make a leather bucket bag with a magnificent balance between resistance and weight: a light bag that, treated with care, will last you.

You can see the details of our Coco Bucket Bag in various colors by clicking on the photos.

Our other bucket model is boho. It is a bag with a clear bohemian inspiration, with fringes and tassels in the same leather, as the main decorative details. A bag that we especially like because it integrates the rebellious element of boho iconography in a design that is modern, elegant and classic as a whole.

The leather is smooth, soft, flexible and light. The upper part of the bag has a drawstring closure, with strips of the same leather. And it also has an adjustable leather strap that gives a lot of play, since it allows you to carry it on your shoulder, crossbody or even in your hand.

This bag practically weighs nothing.And its boho details combine perfectly with countless outfits and personal styles, something that we enhance with the commitment to black, the most combinable tone

You can see the details of our Boho Bucket Bag by clicking on the photo.



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