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Party bags that you can use in your day to day

Party bags that you can use in your day to day

Betting on timeless and quality party bags that are valid for many moments and elevate your look

Do you need a special bag because you want to attend a date, celebration or event that excites you? The question is what bag do you use? Search our collection of party bags for the model that suits you for the occasion and that you can also use in other situations, including everyday ones.

The suggestion of a bag with the soul of a joker is based on models that combine an elegant design and different details with quality, timelessness and comfort. No extravagance. Thus, these party bags will not only be useful for a single moment, but you will be able to dress them up and enjoy them in many other situations.

Also, it doesn't seem advisable to invest in a bag that you're only going to use once or twice. Hence our proposal of elegant and special bags, which you will also be able to wear in your daily looks without effort and which, due to their quality, will last you longer.

Stop thinking that party bags are just for special occasions. Our models have another vocation, a longer life and, if you combine them well, they elevate your look from Monday to Sunday.

As Laura Gómez, designer of Juan-Jo, explains: “Currently, in fashion, the idea of ​​buying less, choosing quality things and enjoying them more weighs more and more. Our party bags are focused on this line. And you also have to keep in mind that bringing some of the party spirit to other days and situations is also interesting.”

In our collection you can choose between long-haired bags, original handbags, a party clutch in black leather embossed with a crocodile effect and several metallic models, including a golden party bag and a silver party bag.

Black Embossed Leather Party Bag

To make this black party bag we have used a beautiful embossed cowhide leather with a crocodile effect. It has a detachable metal chain -and with a piece of the same leather for the shoulder- so you can use it as a shoulder bag, handbag or party clutch. The interior is lined and has two departments and a zippered pocket. The result is an elegant bag at night, or during the day, to go out and carry your essential things with a lot of style.

Carol Rose Gold Party Bag

Our minimalist metallic bags in gold, pink or silver are ideal for situations in which you want to carry only the essentials. The magic and light of metallic leather brighten up any outfit and combined with other accessories help give your outfit a very personal touch. All models have a long, removable and adjustable strap, in black leather, so you can carry the bag on your shoulder whenever you want. And they also have a fixed handle so you can hang it from your wrist. The other option is to carry it by hand.

Brown Long Hair Party Bag

We love tibet lamb long hair and we use it for different models. The models in orange, turquoise or brown with white touches are spectacular and can be used in various situations as party bags because they are eye-catching and provide the extra color that you are often looking for. They are glamorous and due to the irregular length of the hair they are always vaporous. They have a metallic chain to carry them on the shoulder and that you can also use as a handle to carry them in your hand as a clutch.

Red Springbok Fur Bag

This is one of the most special models in our collection. It is a shoulder bag that, thanks to its removable metal chain, you can also carry in your hand as a large purse or an oversized clutch. It is made of springbok leather, of 100% ethical origin and which is identified by the tuft of hair that occupies the center of the bag and which is one of the elements that gives personality to a design that respects the beauty and original shape of the bag. the skin.

The color red is associated with parties and special moments, but it is not the only alternative: we also have it in black, green and natural, which combines the colors light brown and white. And there is yet another possibility: the version with a fantasy leopard animal print, which takes the bag to infinity and beyond.

In any of its versions, a beautiful and powerful model that can be the icing on the cake of a party outfit or the premium detail of a more everyday look.



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