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Women's wide belts, trend 2022

Women's wide belts, trend 2022

Wide women's belts, the fashionable accessory

We explain why women's wide belts will continue to be worn in 2022. And why you should trust the accessory that most helps to achieve a better silhouette and a great look

Are wide belts a trend for 2022? The question has an easy answer: yes. You only have to look at the pages of fashion magazines, the images of the catwalks, the photos of celebrities wearing them and the spontaneous manifestations of street fashion to answer emphatically that wide belts women they will continue to be a trend in 2022.

The different forms of wide belts -type cummerbund, corsets, with large buckles, etc.- have been protagonists in 2022 and will continue to be in the new season. The explanation is that they are elegant and simple accessories, very effective when it comes to optimizing the figure and the look. That is why we have already seen wide belts in collections for the new seasons, such as Chloè's spring-summer 2021, and on many catwalks, including Milan Fashion Week and Fashion Week Madrid. Without forgetting its omnipresence in street style, the spontaneous scenario where a large part of day-to-day fashion currently lives.

In the opinion of Laura Gómez, a designer at Juan-Jo Gallery, wide leather belts are a safe bet. "They are a way to highlight your outfit, to give it a different look and, in addition, to favor the silhouette. Personally, this winter I bet on using the wide belt with blazers and coats. It's a perfect combination", she points out.

Do you want to know how to explore this trend and choose a women's wide belt that makes you look elegant, sexy and current? Keep reading this article and you will be able to immerse yourself in the charm of these accessories and see some of the wide belts in our collection, which has twenty models.

The corset is sexy

There are brands, like Loewe, that once opted for very architectural designs. A bet that did not help the emergence of the trend of leather corsets as a popular item to wear, but the trend has ended up prevailing. The most natural designs with flexible skins have brought the corset belt to an ever-widening public, made up of women who are looking for a sexy, yet elegant element, based on the slimming of the waist and the enhancement of the bust.

The corset has mystery and the echo of its origins, based on intimate lingerie. And although it is current and daring, it evokes garments from other times: medieval designs, Victorian fashion, the Belle Époque… The common denominator may be the idealized vision of the most classic feminine forms.

The leather corsets can be worn over a blouse, shirt or dress. Or under a jacket or jacket. With pants, skirts or dresses. You can literally wear it with anything: with jeans, skirts and dresses. The main idea is to choose a corset-type belt that fits you like a glove and wear it as one more accessory, integrated into your look.

In the images you have two models from our collection.

Cinturón corset piel marrón

Camel Bea Wide Belt

Black Wide Belt

Maxi belts

Currently the belt is not worn on the pants, it is worn on the waist. The difference is important. It is worn over oversized shirts, blazers, dresses, coats and even vests. In this evolution, this accessory has grown in size until it has become an XXL belt.A wide belt with a great impact on fashion has recently been the Dior Saddle, with its 10 centimeters width And we have also seen the prominence of this type of wide belts for women in the collections of Valentino and Alexander McQueen, among others.

The magic of maxi belts is powerful, as they can enhance any outfit and define the way others perceive your figure. If you have a shirt or dress that is baggy and hides your figure, wear a wide belt, which will highlight your waist and give structure to the outfit. Similarly, if you opt for a casual look, a wide leather belt can make it more refined and elegant.

If you are not tall, you should use wide belts wisely, because when they are of a different color than the shirt, dress or outfit they can shorten the torso. And if you are very tall, the appropriate wide belts will help create the optical sensation that they shorten your figure.

In this scenario, the so-called "hourglass" formula works, which reduces the waist and creates a stylized silhouette without the need for this to correspond to the real proportions. How is it achieved? For example, wearing a wide belt over the blazer or jacket.

Wide Belt With Studs

Camel Vicky Wide Belt

obi belts

They are very flexible, wider than a traditional belt and without a buckle. And they look great with all kinds of outfits and outfits, especially if they are made of suede or leather, materials that give this accessory a noble and luxurious touch.

These sash belts help to define and improve the look and in the practical field they solve common problems such as preventing a loose dress from looking like a sack. They are also useful for uniting and harmonizing - just choose the appropriate color - two separate garments or a set.

These obi belts, type sash, are a very minimalist and simple element, but at the same time very versatile and elegant, which can totally change your look. They go great with dresses, blouses, tunics, long shirts, and also work with outfits that include pants.

Two more notes about these versatile wide belts. The possibility of knotting them in different ways gives them extra value. And a definitive argument: a single cummerbund belt, well combined, is a piece that can revalue a lot of dresses and garments.

Smooth leather, suede, with and without studs, in various widths, in various colors and with delicatessen such as metallic leather in gold and silver tones. These are the sash belts that appear in our collection of wide belts.

Wide Metallic Gold Belt

Cinturón ancho piel color mostaza

Mustard Wide Belt

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