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Large buckle belts add style and character

Large buckle belts add style and character

Rescue your outfits from "invisible" belts and opt for belts with large buckles that add originality and personality to your look

It's time to say goodbye to discreet, boring and merely functional belts. And it's time for belts with large buckles and original shapes to get that personal touch that will make you different and unique. Our collection makes it easy for you to choose these belts that boost your style.

Do you think that belts are not important in your wardrobe, that they do not add anything special to your outfits or that they are already limited to their most functional and practical version? If so, we invite you to reconsider these ideas, because we think that big buckle belts are the perfect accessory to accentuate your style, turn a boring outfit into a bright and elegant one and, in short, make look more beautiful and interesting than ever.

Our commitment to the large buckle belt is total since we think they are a wonderful alternative, which when used well can infinitely improve your look. It's about saying goodbye to discreet, boring and merely functional belts. It's time for belts with large buckles, original shapes and that personal touch that will make you different and unique.

Among the models in our collection that we recommend, we have women's leather belts with snake-shaped buckles, several models adorned with stones, the occasional metallic filigree buckle and some proposals based on spherical designs . We will review them in detail below.

They are not the XXL buckles, super large and cumbersome that you can see in some magazines, since we think that these jeopardize the style too much. Ours are large and harmonious buckles that also stand out for their beautiful, feminine and suggestive shapes.

They work perfectly with dresses, blouses and other outfits. And they are perfect to wear with pants and jeans, since the leather straps have the most common widths, 3 and 4 centimeters, which makes these women's leather belts very compatible and easy to wear.

Modelo con cinturón negro y hebilla serpiente

Black fur belt with golden snake buckle

“Our belts combine the highest quality leather and fur strips, made by us, and premium metal buckles that we select from Spanish and Italian manufacturers. This is important because now on the market there are countless belts made with lousy materials. We are committed to belts that, in addition to being beautiful and original, are durable and add extra class and character to your looks”, explains Laura Gómez, designer at Juan-Jo Gallery.

Large buckle belts are accessories with limitless potential. Some experts say that accessories are to fashion what spices are to cooking. Without them something is missing in the recipe. And when used properly, they improve the bottom line. Belts are a perfect example of this idea.

The snake buckle belts are classics in our collection. It is not a surprise, because the snake has a long symbology associated with women and in fashion it is always a tempting and transgressive element.

We have two different designs. A more sculptural buckle, which shows a crawling snake, and another closer to art deco, with very stylized shapes. Both metal buckles are very nice, they are available in silver and gold and we combine them with leather or cowhide straps in black or red.

Cinturón piel y pelo rojo con hebilla serpiente plateada

Red fur belt with silver snake buckle

Cinturon piel con pelo negro y hebilla serpiente dorada

Black fur belt with golden snake buckle

The belts with large buckles adorned with colored stones have an undeniable boho air and are perfect for achieving an elegant and cheerful look, at the same time The buckles are oval in shape and the stones, oval and spherical, have different sizes and are shaped a very showy floral drawing. We have buckles with stones in white, turquoise blue and dark green. And we combine them with smooth leather strips, in brown or black.

Cinturón piel con hebilla ovalada con piedras color turquesa

Leather belt with turquoise oval buckle

Cinturón piel con hebilla ovalada con piedras color blanco

Leather belt with oval buckle white stones

The gold buckle belt appears in another commitment to different and modern belts. The filigree buckle is metallic and its beautiful drawings are delicately feminine and harmonious. It is a delicate yet powerful piece that can illuminate the waistline and revitalize the outfit you are wearing. We combine it with smooth leather straps.

Modelo con cinturón de piel con pelo de color rojo y hebilla metálica con filigrana

Red fur belt with filigree metal buckle

And we also love the round buckle belt in the shape of a sunflower. A buckle that evokes the charm of that magical flower that is always aligned with the sun and that, in addition, in its design combines an aged gold-colored metal part with a brown enamelled center. We associate it with a strip of smooth brown leather.

Modelo con cinturón de piel y hebilla con forma de girasol

Leather belt with sunflower-shaped buckle

Cinturón piel con hebilla en forma de girasol

Leather belt with sunflower buckle

It's clear that we love big buckle belts and recommend them as a simple, yet effective way to create your personal style with a small detail that can really go a long way.

In addition, belts of this type make clear the power of the buckle as an element that should not only be functional and practical. So do not give up that belts with a big and beautiful buckle are one of the centers to show off your best style.

And this is the link to our belts with buckle section so you can take a look at all the models we have:



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