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How to care for a leather bag

How to care for a leather bag

If you want to know how to take care of a leather bag, download our guide with the best tips and tricks

If you take care of your leather bag, it will have a longer life and will keep its best appearance at all times. Read our guide: it will help your bag successfully stand the test of time and will solve or alleviate many problems that appear with everyday use.

The bag is like a business card, say the experts. It says a lot about the woman who wears it. And since he is a faithful companion who is always there, in all kinds of situations, he deserves some care that keeps him in shape and allows us to carry him with the illusion of the first day.

Our free guide on how to care for a leather bag, which you can download here, is an express compendium of information to keep it looking new and prevent or fixes many crashes and problems you may experience.

The guide explains that moisturizing and cleaning your bag regularly is a good investment. And she teaches you to keep it flexible and elastic, to store it properly and to dry it properly in case it gets very wet from the rain. Some trick, with an eraser as the main tool, it even seems like magic.

You can download the guide hereí.

A leather bag is a valuable and durable product that, with a little domestic care, you can wear and enjoy for a long time. Yes, a leather bag is a noble, living, quality product. Nothing to do with the plastic of the so-called synthetic leather. Leather is only natural and a label created by marketing should not confuse us. And to explain how to take care of a leather bag the idea of ​​this guide arises, in which we turn our knowledge on the subject into a didactic key.

The impact of water or the sun, internal stains – often caused by cosmetics or ink – and external stains caused by coffee, oil or other liquids are some of the setbacks that your leather bag can suffer. And then there are the scratches, dust, and grime that can accumulate on its surface from daily use. Without forgetting aspects of general maintenance that are key, such as regular hydration of the skin and recommendations for storing the bag out of season, in optimal conditions.

Our guide, signed by Laura Gómez, designer and manager of Juan-Jo Gallery, talks about all this, and many other things, who shares with the public the knowledge that a company with three generations of artisans.

"We use bags continuously and give them a lot of trouble. It is logical that they wear out and sooner or later they get damaged or stained. With this guide I want to share how to take care of your leather bag with you some practical tips that you can apply to keep them in good condition for a long time. I hope it will be useful and help your leather bags have a long life and age in the best possible way", explains Laura.

The guide is written in a simple way and contains concrete and practical recommendations. As an example, here is one of the first sections, dedicated to the generic cleaning of the bag, magic trick included.

  • Initially, use a dry cotton cloth to remove surface dust. As leather is always a porous material, it very easily picks up dust and dirt from the environment. If you do this periodically, you will avoid greater evils.
  • Don't use baby wipes, vinegar water, or any other unverified home remedies. Each skin is different and products whose components are aggressive can affect it.
    • If the leather of the bag is very dirty, change the dry cotton cloth for a damp one, dipped in water with a little neutral soap dissolved in it. This is also used to clean the lining of the bag. Let it dry at room temperature.
    • Take note of this trick: stains caused by rubbing are usually superficial and can be removed by gently using an eraser, which loosens and removes this type of dirt.

    Leather ages and is not indestructible, but with a little care and a little care on your part, you will see how your bag prolongs its natural cycle and maintains the beauty and characteristics of the first day.

    We encourage you to download the guide here and follow its advice and recommendations.



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